life on (very) little

Well, this is embarrassing. I saved a draft of this blog post months ago, my intentions to start the blog waiving and postponed by excuses (I’m too busy with work this week; I’d rather watch reruns of “Portlandia” tonight; and I simply cannot blog when it’s Mac and Cheese night at O’Betty’s!). I didn’t say they were good excuses.

Now I’m here and likely ready as I’ll ever be to “officially” start this blog. The theme of the blog reflects the title—I’m going to blog (or attempt to blog) about living on (very) little. Through different facets of my life, I’ve discovered that I’m a fairly simple, minimalist person. I’m trying to weave that thought process into other aspects where it might not yet apply—apartment décor, food/recipes, social life, budgeting, DIY and everything that applies to my life as mid-20s young professional.

Navigating this blog should be self-explanatory, so I won’t spend time boring you with my story, directing your questions, or what I’m up to every minute of the day. For that, if you’re really interested (or just bored), see think different pages of this blog (across the top) or the links in the right sidebar.

Before I sign off, a few disclaimers:

I work in public relations. As an ethical professional, blogger and former journalism student I vow not to mislead/spam readers with product reviews, press releases or the latest-and-greatest updates from the clients who pay me for my professional work.

While I’m committed to living minimally (for several reasons, which I’ll get into later), that isn’t to say that I won’t contradict myself at times. Aside from those commitments, I crave glitter heelsfine chocolates and the cutest puppies in the world. Please know that I am aware that I make those contradictions, and I’m not trying to be preachy, but rather continue growing.

That’s it for my first post! Thanks for visiting, and I’ll hope you’ll be back.

live simply, so that others can simply live. -St. Elizabeth Seton


  1. Wendy said:

    Looking forward to reading more on this topic!

    • janellehuelsman said:

      Thank you, Wendy! I’m excited to start!

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